Unlocking Potential

At NovoLanguage, we believe in people’s potential and we
help them to unlock it by improving their communication skills. 

Therefore, we have found the best technical innovations available
to create a solution that helps learners to communicate confidently in English and Mandarin.

For the price of 2 cups of coffee per month we offer an interactive and personalized
language learning solution  that’s empowering your people in their career development. 


What makes us unique

We strive for the highest quality

Our products are designed to provide a meaningful & motivating learning experience.

Learning is supported by internationally recognized methodologies and certification. The interactive exercises are powered by the latest technologies that can provide detailed feedback and offer an immersive experience. Our customer service is professional, pro-active, kind and regionally represented.


We are tailored to your needs

We have crafted a personalized learning solution that empowers learners, at a reasonable price.

Our content is tailored to their daily reality and learning level. For example, for hospitality, we offer specialized English and Mandarin courses for each department at different levels. Learning is available everywhere, anytime, through our apps on a smartphone, tablet and computer.


It's in the way we move

We innovate, learn and grow. Together with leading universities and our customers we continuously improve. We tap into innovations to find new ways to enhance the learner's motivation and provide an immersive and meaningful learning experience.


Learn in an interactive and engaging way with our Player using the latest technologies and learning methodologies.

Our unique deep learning technology enables accurate and direct feedback on pronunciation and supports a personalized & gamified learning experience.

During their learning journey, learners will follow our methodology that is based on the communicative CAN-DO statements as defined by the international language proficiency guidelines within the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).  

Therefore, you are guaranteed that learners will be able to achieve their goals and receive certificates that are truly meaningful.

On track!

With our Studio, it is easy for managers and lecturers to assign a learning journey to a student per department or class.

You will keep track of the learners’ performance and progress through detailed analytics.

The combination of our Player and Studio enhances motivation. Needless to say, we are very proud that 95% of our learners finishes their courses. 


Satisfaction Guaranteed

“We have had the pleasure to collaborate with NovoLanguage for the past year and a half. We implemented the learning platform in several of our properties in Indonesia and China as a support system to develop English skills. We received amazing support and enthusiasm from all  team members involved and have been very impressed by the quality, intuitiveness and user friendliness of the platform as well as the support services of the NovoLanguage team.”
- Frédéric Simon, CEO Commune Hotels + Resorts SEA, Singapore

“NovoLanguage is truly unique. It is a beautiful and innovative solution that helps me greatly with investing in my people’s development. I love their vision and the way they work. Results are amazing and the service is of the highest quality and commitment.” 
- Markus Schneider, General Manager of Eastin Grand Saigon, Vietnam

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