NovoLanguage and Deviant’s 3D VIP Room wins prestigious award at the Comenius EduMedia Awards


BERLIN, June 22, 2017 - The 3D VIP Room, made by Novolanguage and Dutch publisher Uitgeverij Deviant, has won a Comenius EduMedia Medal. It won the award for best Didactic Multimedia Product. The Comenius EduMedia Awards are organized every year by the Society for Pedagogy, Information and Media (GPI). They are considered one of the most prestigious awards for multimedia products in Europe.

The 3D VIP Room provides learners with a safe environment to practice in, allowing them to gain and improve skills relevant to their profession or education while also learning a foreign language. Learners can practice in a virtual environment that simulates real-life situations, for instance, going shopping at a local market and asking for directions in English. With only a few basic requirements to experience the 3D VIP Room, it is a highly accessible learning solution for students and professionals.

The app was developed in close cooperation with Uitgeverij Deviant, who provided the story and learning material. Novolanguage developed the concept and application and implemented its advanced speech technology.

Martijn Enter, CEO of Novolanguage, and mr. Jono Lentz of Deviant, were in Berlin to pick up the award. Smiling broadly, mr. Enter reveals: “We’re immensely proud to have been awarded such an honour. Together with Deviant we envisioned to bring virtual reality to the learner in order to empower them, to help them learn and grow in a safe, yet realistic environment. To be recognized for that is simply amazing.”

About the Comenius EduMedia Awards

The Comenius EduMedia Awards is a yearly event organized by the Society for Pedagogy, Information and Media (GPI). The awards are conferred in four domains: Didactic Multimedia Products, General Multimedia Products, Educational Management Systems and Computer games with potentials to boost competences. The Comenius EduMedia Awards are open to publishing houses, institutions, universities, schools, project groups and authors of educational media from all countries who design, create, publish or disseminate educational media supported by information and communication technologies (ICT).